Tween/Teen Check-List for Computer Use

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Does Your Tween or Tween Have a Check-List for Computer Use?

Before your neParent going over a check-list of computer rules before child uses computerw young driver hits the road at 16, you as their parent instill the value of a mental check-list before your child pulls out of the driveway.  Seat-belt on √, cellphone put away √, seat adjusted √, mirrors adjusted √,  driver’s license √, plenty of gas √ etc.  Driving requires a great deal of responsibility and awareness to make sure the experience is a safe one.

When kids log-on to the computer, parents also need to instill a kind of check-list.   Site child is visiting is safe and parent approved √;  child is old enough to use the social networking site they are visiting according to the terms of the site without lying about their age √;  child is chatting and friending people they know in real life √;  images they are posting would be acceptable for anyone to see, including college recruiters √;  child is not  posting personal information that could put them at risk for identity theft or put them in harms way from a predator √.  The rules about safe computer use go on and on and are very important to the safety and future of your child.

Most kids using the computer are a great deal younger than the required age of 16 to drive a car.  But the online risks are enormous and just like a poor decision can result in an accident in seconds that can change a life forever;  a poor decision with a click can be life changing online and damage your child’s future.

So go over a check-list with your child before they use the computer, not just once but many times through out their tween/teen years. Then follow-up and make sure that they are complying with that check-list.

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