The Online World, “…a digital playground and no one is on recess duty.”

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Today I saw this quote on Twitter by Kevin Honeycutt:

quote, kids growing up online unsupervised.


Kids online today reminds me of Lord of the Flies, a book written in 1954 by William Golding that delves into the dark side of human nature.  This classic is about a group of British boys alone on a deserted island who attempt to govern themselves with disastrous results.  The online world for kids has largely become a club house for kids parents not wanted complete with their own code language.  We need to change that.  Kids need parents online as much as they do offline.


Why Parents Need to be Involved in their Children’s Online World


There are many online risks that kids are exposed to online.  Anonymity can make the online world a “free for all” where any kind of behavior, both good and bad happens.    Kids need guidance to follow expected norms of behavior.

Cyberbullying has gone global.  Sexting is in the news everyday.  Kids are posting personal information such as their real name that puts them at risk for identity theft.  Kids are invited to talk to strangers online where online predators lurk. Colleges and employers are checking kid’s social networking sites before acceptance.


We must change the dynamic of kids being left unsupervised online.  We are working hard to do so.  Please get involved in your child’s online world and check-in on their online activity and behavior as all online safety experts recommend.  Your child must know that you are checking-in.  You as a parent have the ability to change this “kids only club house” and teach kids appropriate behavior online.


girl on PC

How Does ScreenRetriever’s ScreenCentric™ Technology Help You to Protect Your Child in the Online World?

“Keep computers in an open area. Don’t let kids use devices alone in their bedrooms,” is an online safety tip often used by experts in child safety.


ScreenRetriever provides a “virtual central location, so that you can see whatever your child is doing on their PC wherever they are in your home.

  • When you’re not home you can review recorded activity later. If your child takes their computer out of the home, you can also review recorded activity later right from your computer.

ScreenCentric™ technology lets you as a parent see whatever your child, tween or teen is doing on the computer. And your Child KNOWS you’re checking in!


See All Social Networking Activity


ALL Social Networking Activity


See who your child is video chatting with online?

ALL Chatting Online Including Video Chats. ScreenRetriever Lets You See The Person Your Child is Video Chatting With Online.


see actual websites visited, not just urls

ALL Websites Visited, Not Just A URL List. If it’s on your child’s screen you can see it on your’s, both live and recorded.


see images posted on social networking sites

ALL Images, Comments and Personal Information Posted



cyberbullied girl on computer

ALL Cyberbullying


see all games played online

ALL Gaming


see all homework being done online

ALL Homework


ScreenRetriever makes it easy to Parent Online!  Kids shouldn’t be left on their own on school playgrounds and they shouldn’t be left unsupervised on the digital playground either!

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