What is ScreenCentric™ Technology?


girl on PCHow Does ScreenRetriever’s ScreenCentric™ Technology Help You to Protect Your Child in the Online World?

ScreenCentricity – See Your Child’s Screen On Your Screen

Live – See a continually updated view of your child’s screen

Recorded – Review hours of recorded activity in minutes at your convenience


ScreenCentric™ technology lets you as a parent see whatever your child, tween or teen is doing on their PC.  And your child KNOWS you’re checking in!


In the home or away from home, ScreenRetriever works 24/7 !  With ScreenRetriever you can check on:

See All Social Networking Activity


  • Any Social Networking Activity, it doesn’t matter which social networking site your child is using!


See who your child is video chatting with online?

  • ALL Chatting Online Including Video Chats.  ScreenRetriever Lets You See The Person Your Child is Video Chatting With Online.


see actual websites visited, not just urls

  • ALL Websites Visited, Not Just A URL List.  If it’s on your child’s screen you can see it on your’s, both live and recorded.


see images posted on social networking sites

  • ALL Images, Comments and Personal Information Posted



cyberbullied girl on computer

  • ALL Cyberbullying


see all games played online

  • ALL Gaming


see all homework being done online

  • ALL Homework


ScreenRetriever makes it easy to Parent Online!  Try ScreenRetriever’s ScreenCentricity™ free trial now!


Because your child knows your checking, it’s easy to have a conversation about online activity and behavior!