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Monitor child's computer PC activity with ScreenRetriever

Why Use ScreenRetriever to Monitor Your Child’s Computer Activity and Behavior?
Because You Care About Your Child’s Online Safety!

Why Try ScreenRetriever, Children’s (Windows) Tablet/PC Monitoring Software?

  •  ScreenRetriever, Live View and Replay gives parents complete

    visibility of all of  their  children’s computer activity.

  • Parents simply click on the ScreenRetriever icon on their computer to see exactly what their child is doing online Live, no matter where the child is in the home.

  • When parents aren’t available to use LiveView they can scroll through hours of their child’s recorded activities in minutes using Replay.

  • Kids know it’s being used so that trust is maintained.

Benefits of Using ScreenRetriever Computer Monitoring Software:

  • Will not cause computer to slow down.

  • Easy to install and Easy to use, no fancy set up required

  • Install once on the child’s computer, all other access is from the parent’s computer

  • Not time consuming to check-in

  • Family license, not per seat

Parents Can Monitor All Computer Activity and Behavior

  • All Facebook activity (no password required) and other social networks

  • All webcam activity such as Skype so they can see who their child is chatting with

  • All homework

  • All websites visited (not just URLs)

  • All posted pictures and comments, emails

  • All cyberbullying

  • All sexting

  • All night time activity