ScreenRetriever for Children’s Internet Safety: Product Benefits



boy online being supervised by parents using ScreenRetriever

What are the Benefits of ScreenRetriever, the Children’s PC Monitoring Tool?

ScreenRetriever for Children’s Internet Safety: Product Benefits

  • ScreenRetriever is easy to use and easy to install!
  • ScreenRetriever is the only product using ScreenCentric™ Technology!   If it’s on your child’s screen, you see it on your screen!  ScreenRetriever provides complete visibility into everything happening on your child’s Windows Tablet or PC
  • Your child knows ScreenRetriever is being used because an icon remains in their tool tray and changes color when you’re checking
  • You can monitor all of your child’s computer activity LIVE on your own computer or view recordings later using Replay
  • If your child takes their computer to a friend’s house, you may quickly retrieve the recordings when they come home without going to their computer
  • You may save the recordings if you suspect your child is being cyberbullied
  • See all of your child’s Facebook activity, video and photos, chats, and postings
  • Monitor all other social networking activity too
  • See who your child is video chatting with online
  • You can see if your child is really doing their homework
  • Easily open up discussions about appropriate online behavior because your child knows your checking-in
  • Ensure your child knows you care;  foster your family’s values
  • ScreenRetriever is completely private within your home.  ScreenRetriever CANNOT access!
  • You may check-in Live on up to 4 children at the same time
  • You can continue working on your computer while your checking-in on your child’s computer activity
  • ScreenRetriever won’t slow down your computer
  • A ScreenRetriever license if for your entire family within your home, not per seat

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