The Online Safety Solution: ScreenRetriever


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You can use ScreenRetriever to monitor your child’s computer activity and behavior!

ScreenRetriever: Monitor Live or Use Replay


For parents, ScreenRetriever is the children’s online safety  monitoring software that enables you to see Live all computer activity  online and offline so that you can teach your child safe, responsible, appropriate computer behavior. You can see all social networking activity without the need for passwords, all chatroom activity, all online and offline game activity, all  homework activity, all websites visited (not just URLs), everything!

Also, with ScreenRetriever, when you’re not available to use LiveView, you can quickly scan hours of activity in minutes to pick up visual cues of inappropriate computer behavior using ScreenRetriever Replay. You can then zero in on the problem area and discuss it with your child. You can, for example discern whether your son or daughter is holding a can of soda or beer in a picture on their Facebook wall — something no other product can do. Or, you may discover evidence of cyberbullying which you can retain as a permanent record and use to immediately address and put a stop to the cyberbullying.

Pediatricians Recommend that Parents

Monitor Children’s Computer Activity

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents not only monitor their kids online, but that they shouldn’t rely on blockers and filters and loggers i.e. parental controls, which give them a false sense of security.  Unlike parental controls ScreenRetriever gives you the actual screens—not a bunch of cumbersome website logs and ineffective blocked or filtered sites that cannot possibly keep up with the thousands of websites coming online daily.  Parents in reality are the best filter because with ScreenRetriever they can immediately see what site their child is visiting, who they’re chatting with, what they’re posting and more.

Parents Can Teach Children Appropriate and Safe Online Behavior Using ScreenRetriever!

Kids may be more tech savvy, but parents have more life experience to teach they’re children to safely navigate the online world and learn to be good filters too.  With ScreenRetriever parents are able to  teach their  kids to think before they interact online in order to prevent a potentially life changing mistake.  The goal of ScreenRetriever is to help your child  become knowledgeable, responsible, safe, independent computer, internet and social media users.

ScreenRetriever, the online safety solution means being able to check in100% of the time, whenever you feel the need and to intervene as necessary.  Keep your child on the path to success and out of harms way with ScreenRetriever.