ScreenRetriever Helps Stop Cyberbullying!


ScreenRetriever Helps Stop Cyberbullying!


Girl on computer being cyberbullied.

This girl is being Cyberbullied.  Cyberbullying is a growing problem for today’s kids!

“My daughter was cyberbullied and asked us to take in the cyberbullying incident to the school.  The cyberbullying stopped immediately.  ScreenRetriever really helped us because we were able to see the cyberbullying, talk with our daughter and save the cyberbullying to show school administrators.”  M.K., parent of 15 y.o. teen



Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics says that cyberbullying is the most common online risk for all teens?
Pew Research says that 32% of online teens have experienced online harassment!
Yet only 10 percent of kids will tell a parent or trusted adult.

How Can ScreenRetriever Help?

  • ScreenRetriever gives you as a parent the visibility you need to see if your child is being cyberbullied so that you can step in and help your child.

  • ScreenRetriever lets you save a cyberbullying incident so that you can bring it to the school administrators or the authorities.  This eliminates the “he said, she said”problem which can quickly put a stop to cyberbullying.

What do cyberbullies do to their victims?

  • forward a private message without permission
  • send a threatening messages
  • spread a rumor
  • post an embarrassing photoshopped picture

 Cyberbullies also:

  • steal passwords to gain access to their victim’s  profile and then then post rumors, gossip or other damaging information
  • Create a false social networking profile pretending to be the victim
  • Create hate pages and post mean comments about the victim
  • Use web sites and blogs to post hurtful, embarrassing information about the victim

Could Your Child Be a Cyberbully?

Teach your child, tween or teen  to behave appropriately online so that they don’t become a cyberbully!  Kids don’t learn manners offline by themselves and they don’t learn manners online by themselves either.


ScreenRetriever: Protect, Prevent, Parent!