ScreenRetriever for Online Safety: Product Reviews and Testimonials

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Parents can easily monitor Windows PC/Tablet activity and behavior with ScreenRetriever!

ScreenRetriever for Children’s Online Safety: Product Reviews and Testimonials


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  • “ScreenRetriever is a parent developed software program designed to monitor the internet use of your children. With so many internet dangers lurking all over the world, and the innocence of children, Victoria and Mark felt the urge to keep their daughters safe. This software allows for parents to log in and monitor what their children are doing online. During monitoring, an icon changes color on screen informing the child that they are being supervised. Parenting Online is not Spying is a piece defending the somewhat controversial topic of cyber software to watch children but the dangers are real.”- See more at:


  • “ScreenRetriever  works in two ways. You can record everything your child does or, if you have another computer at home, you can view what they’re doing in real time from the other PC.  “I installed a free trial version on both my desktop and laptop and the program works as advertised. The software was easy to install and equally easy to uninstall. You do need a password to make any changes or to view your child’s screen from a remote PC.”


  • “As I’m writing this post on my desktop PC, I can see everything I’m typing and viewing from my laptop.  It only works on a PC on the same network.  There is no remote viewing via the Internet but if you want to review what your child does when you’re not at home, you can opt to have the software record everything and view it later.” The software itself, from what I can tell seems very well crafted.”    -Larry Magid, Technology Jounalist for CBS News, Internet Safety Advocate-Connect,, and Journalist for CNet, and Huffington Post


  • “ScreenRetriever provides complete visibility into everything happening on a child’s computer without sacrificing the trust between them and their parents.”     –Lori Getz, internet safety specialist, founder of CyberEducation Consultants


  • ScreenRetriever is one of the best, most useful software programs we’ve tested so far. We think it’s a great tool that can greatly benefit a parent’s relationship with their child when it comes to online safety.   “ScreenRetriever, is a monitoring program that allows parents to record and remotely view their children’s computer screen in real time. The program lets you “check-in” on your children from time to time without being too intrusive.  “I found ScreenRetriever to be a well-rounded program; it does what it claims to do and I didn’t encounter any bugs or problems.”     – – An Internet Safety Website for Parents and Children


  • “I have to say I indeed was impressed with it […] It offers parents a tool to help keep their kids safe online,”  said Kline, an Internet safety expert who has spoken at many schools, said while some children can handle the freedom of the Internet and don’t need a lot of oversight, others need help. Parents have to be involved early, when their children are in elementary school.”    –Mark Kline, Psyd, a clinical psychologist, associate director of Human Relations Service in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, and internet safety expert

Parents love ScreenRetriever to monitor their children's computer activity and behavior.





  • “We solved the problem. It turns out we switched security software, after many years with McAfee, to Webroot over the holidays and Webroot blocks screen capture programs.  Once we allowed ScreenRetriever on Webroot everything started working again.  This was a relief to us as ScreenRetriever has been our favorite monitoring method for our boys.”Thanks!L. C.


  • “Dear screen retriever,
    First up, thanks for making a great product. It is very good and i recommend it to others.
    My daughter (12) uses a pc computer for school and this lets us keep an eye on what she gets up to both at school and home.” P.T.


  • “Our family uses screen retriever on all of our computers. Our children use the computer daily for school, and fun. It is such a relief to know that I can monitor what they are viewing, and I believe it helps them to learn healthy online behavior because they know mom is checking up on them. I love screen retriever. From a homeschooling mom.” M.M.


  •  “I just wish I had ScreenRetriever three weeks ago. We just found out that my son is missing the last three weeks of HW in English and could fail this class (his first grade below a B-). Also, today I found out that when he promises in his most sincere voice “I really am working”, that he is actually playing video games.  D.R.


    This is absolutely the BEST invention EVER!!!  My 15 year old son is on the Autistic
    Spectrum (Aspergers) and while he has an amazing mind, he has A LOT of trouble
    staying on task.  Screen Retriever gives my son the independence every teen
    craves, and the redirection he most desperately needs. He can do his homework;all by himself; but, I can still monitor what is going on and gently
    remind him to do the next question; without feeling suffocated by the
    overbearing, naggy parent.
    A million THANK YOUs will NEVER be enough.  My husband and I are
    forever indebted.  
    Kudos to the brilliant person (aka loving parent) behind Screen Retriever.
    Thank you!"
    L.S. (Mom)


  • “Screenretriever is really awesome.  I could check my child real time.”  P.A.


  • “Hi.  We have your screensaver product and love it!”  C.H.


  • ” We have been using Screen Retriever for a couple of months now and have been very pleased with its application in our family. LB” – mom


  • “I tried ScreenRetriever because I homeschool my grandson and sometimes he doesn’t stay on track with his schoolwork.  The first day I caught him playing games on the computer when he was supposed to be doing his lessons.  I put this on three computers in my home and would love to be able to do the same on a tablet or Kindle.  This has worked wonders.  We talked about my husband and I being able to see where he is ALL the time weven if we are not near the computer we can record where he has been going.  We liked it so much we purchased a license key.  Now we don’t have to worry.  Thanks so much.  Hope to see this for tablet use…  Thanks So much will tell my friends.”  Y. A.

  • “We have been homeschoolers for 7 years. During that time we have used the computer in our school sparingly since its use seems to lead to further distractions. We started using Screen Retriever about 3 years ago and have been pleased with the product and more importantly, the support we have received for the product. Thank you for creating something that brings us peace of mind.”  C.J.


  • “I am running the trial on my son who home schools (14 years old) and this has been a HUGE blessing.  You are amazing!!!!!
    I wish I would have found you sooner! My husband and I are so grateful. I am on day 2 of the trial and 100% satisfied and impressed.”   A.G-B


  • “I really love your product.  We have used it on our computer for a couple of years and it has been a HUGE  lifesaver and a far more reliable method of dealing with bad content than any content blocker we’ve tried.  Thanks you so much for creating it!”  R.M.


  • “It is wonderful! I tried several filtering software products, but they bogged my system down to almost unusable. This software doesn’t do that at all. Plus, the more I thought about it, the more I liked this. With filtering, my kids never get a chance to see something inappropriate or go where they shouldn’t online (which feels good to me right now). But when they are on their own, they will deal with those things and I won’t be there to help them learn to navigate it properly.  With ScreenRetriever I can see more of where their hearts are since they can go where they choose online. Then we can deal more effectively with those heart issues and not just mask them for a time. Since they are teenagers they have to be online for school, plus they need to learn computer skills. So I am very thankful for ScreenRetriever where I can monitor their activities. I feel SO much better with this tool. Thank you for creating this software!” J.T


  • “This program/service has been a wonderful way to add a layer of protection to our children’s use of the computers and the internet.” L.M.


  • “We bought screen retriever because we could not believe what filters (on our family control software) were letting through. Other times, the filters blocked completely innocent sites. Worthless.”  TJ


  • This is what I said to my daughter- “I want you to know that I know what you’re doing online and with ScreenRetriever I know what you’re doing. ”  It’s about parenting.  T.L.- a Dad


  • “I  have to say ScreenRetriever’s extremely helpful, especially having children needing to use their computers for homework.”  R. S.


  •  One Dad says this about ScreenRetriever – “It is the best parental control software I’ve seen, and it has given our daughter the freedom to go on You Tube, the internet, etc. She likes it as much as we do.”


  •   “Screen Retriever gives me much needed peace of mind while my 13 year-old uses the computer in her room. Now I can work downstairs on my machine and keep an eye on what she’s doing with just a quick glance. I don’t have to worry about her forming bad homework habits, cyberbullying and other online misbehavior.” – JR, father to a 14 year old 8th grader, Boston, MA


  •  “Knowing what 3 kids — and especially a 14 year old girl — are doing on the internet is an almost impossible task without good monitoring software.   ScreenRetriever fits the bill perfectly — it gives us a perfect view of what’s happening in an unobtrusive and, without going through ‘hoops’, an easy way.  – Mike S.


  •  “Thanks for developing an excellent tool for parents. ScreenRetriever has given our family more freedom with internet use. The kids use the computer while I cook. With a glance I know all is well. Homework is finished on time without the temptation to browse while Mom is not in the room.”  – Cheryl B., Texas


  •  “Avast.  Love the program! ”  -Shelby S.


  • “I installed it on the computers yesterday & am very pleased with how easy it was to install & use. I look forward to helping my 12 yr old daughter learn how to use the internet responsibly. Again, THANK YOU!!!”  -Donna M., Indianapolis, Indiana


A Recent Survey

  • “I won ScreenRetriever as a door prize with Old Schoolhouse Expo. We will be keeping it forever.
  • I love the product. Also, if you had a version that could be loaded on an apple laptop or iPad app that would be excellent.” Thanks for letting us know. The ScreenRetriever Team is working hard to release a ScreenRetriever product for both of these devices!
  • Great product, it does what you say it will.
  • 86% of those surveyed said that they would recommend ScreenRetriever to a friend!

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