Online Safety NewsLetter March 2017


ScreenRetriever Online Safety Newsletter

March 2017

Today’s digital world has made parenting more challenging.  Staying on top of your child’s digital world is a necessary part of parenting today.  We will help you stay informed about the current issues when kids go online.  The more you know, the safer your child will be when they venture into cyberspace!

Are You A Proactive Online Safety Parent?


young boy on smartphone in restaurantScreenRetriever makes it easy to check-in on All of your child’s computer activity and behavior so that you can Parent Online! 

two step verification

Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams or Get Hacked

by Victoria Kempf, ScreenRetriever, Jan. 2017

Hacking and phishing scams are in the news daily.  What can you do to help prevent this unwanted invasion of your privacy?  Have you tried two-step verification and using strong passwords?
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One in three children send naked selfies online because parents let them roam free on the internet

by John Bingham,Jan. 2017

“Children are being bullied, lured into sharing sexually pictures and  groomed by abusers online because parents have left them to “roam free” on the internet, the Government’s young people’s tsar has warned. crime.   Learn more


And we wonder why our kids are not getting enough sleep.  Read more interesting stats in this research article about digital safety.