Online Safety NewsLetter September 2018


ScreenRetriever Online Safety Newsletter

September 2018

Today’s digital world has made parenting more challenging.  Staying on top of your child’s digital world is a necessary part of parenting today.  We will help you stay informed about the current issues when kids go online.  The more you know, the safer your child will be when they venture into cyberspace!

Are You A Proactive Online Safety Parent?


young boy on smartphone in restaurantScreenRetriever makes it easy to check-in on All of your child’s computer activity and behavior so that you can Parent Online! 

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You Tube will now tell you how much of your life you spend watching videos

by Matt Binder

How much time is your child spending watching You Tube.  They are rolling out a feature to tell you says Mashable.
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How Florida shooting: Could video games be to blame?

 by Deidre Falvey

It’s a long-standing argument: do violent videogames increase violent or aggressive behaviour in real life?”  Learn more


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Online How to get the most out of parental controls

by Christine Elgersma, Common Sense Media

“You’d probably love to have a little more control over your kids’ online lives. And sometimes — like when they play multiplayer games, join social media, or binge-watch YouTube — you’d like a lot of control.