Online Safety NewsLetter July 2017


ScreenRetriever Online Safety Newsletter

July 2017

Today’s digital world has made parenting more challenging.  Staying on top of your child’s digital world is a necessary part of parenting today.  We will help you stay informed about the current issues when kids go online.  The more you know, the safer your child will be when they venture into cyberspace!

Are You A Proactive Online Safety Parent?


young boy on smartphone in restaurantScreenRetriever makes it easy to check-in on All of your child’s computer activity and behavior so that you can Parent Online! 

sextortion is a crime impacting teens.

81% of sextortion victims are under 18 years old

by Benjamin Wittes, Cody Poplin, Quinta Jurecic & Clara Spera

May 2017

Sextortion is a crime and targets some of the most vulnerable in society, teens according to this report from the Brooking’s Institute.
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cyberbullied teen

How does cyberbullying relate to PTSD and ED visits?

by Ranney ML1, Patena JV2, Nugent N3, Spirito A4, Boyer E5, Zatzick D6, Cunningham R7

March/April 2016

“Among adolescents presenting to the ED for any reason, symptoms consistent with PTSD, depressive symptoms, physical peer violence, cyberbullying and community violence exposure are common and interrelated.”   Learn more


Read about more interesting results from a large UK survey regarding internet and cellphone use.