Online Safety: The Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Teens and Other Social Networking Sites Your Child May Be On


Popular social networking sites.

A few of the many popular social networking sites

What are the Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Teens?


The says the most popular sites for teens are:

  • Twitter – 48.7%
  • Google+ – 41.5%
  • Tumblr – 33%, and more popular with girls than boys
  • 4chan – 23%, more popular with boys than girls
  • Pinterest – 20%
  • Myspace – 18%
  • Foursquare (and other check-in services) – 12.2%


Facebook currently  has 1.23 billion monthly active users

YouTube has over 1 billion monthly unique users

Twitter has 241 monthly active users


Friending your child on Facebook is not enough to keep kids safe because of the proliferation of  social networking sites today! You need to have visibility into all of their social networking activity!  Get to know the other social networking sites your child may beusing and make sure privacy settings are in place.


Boy on Facebook using laptop

Did you know that Facebook has an age restriction for use of 13 years old?

Be Aware: The minimum age to join most social networking sites is 13!


Other Social Networking Sites Your Kids May Be On-