Online Safety: Instagram Photo Privacy Settings

Instagram, mobile app used by kids

Instagram, the Popular Photo-sharing App for Kids

How do you protect your child’s photo privacy on Instagram?

If your child hasn’t manually set their Instagram account to “Private”, all their photos are publicly available for anyone to view. If you care about who sees your child’s photos, especially those that post location, or provide identifying information such as the school they attend, or athletic team they’re on – then make sure your child’s account is set up to protect their privacy.


1. Open the Instagram mobile app and click on  the Profile icon on the bottom navigation bar

  • Tap “Edit your Profile”

  • Scroll down to the “Photos Are Private” on/off switch and flip the toggle “On”.

*Note: Making your profile private doesn’t protect you 100%. If your child’s friends profiles are “Public”, they can take screenshots of your photos and repost for public viewing.



Instagram privacy settings

Set privacy setting on so that only people you approve can follow you!

Instagram's privacy settings are on for online safety.

Toggle switch set to ON