ScreenRetriever is the Homework Helper!


ScreenRetriever is the Homework Helper!

Which Report Card Would You Rather See?

Kids get bad grades when they are distracted while doing homework online

When Your Child is Doing Homework Online Are They Focused?


Monitoring homework when kids are online can help them get better grades.

Help Your Child to Focus on their Homework with ScreenRetriever!

When Your Child Goes Online It’s Easy to Get Distracted!

How do you help your child with homework?

ScreenRetriever helps you to help your child with homework and  learn to focus

Math homework, English homework, science homework, social studies homework, or science homework…  What ever homework your child struggles with, ScreenRetriever can help prevent distractions.

ScreenRetriever lets you easily and quickly check-in anytime with LiveView  to make sure your child is:
  • Doing their homework
  • Not getting distracted
  • Not playing games,going on Facebook, and surfing the web
 ScreenRetriever Replay lets you review your child’s computer activity even if you’re not around to check in live
  • Quickly and easily scroll through hours of recordings in minutes to see if your child if following your homework rules

You Are Teaching a Life Long Skill: 

  • Help your children learn how to get work done first and then play
  • You are helping them develop a critical life skill that will benefit them throughout their academic lives and their careers

Keep Your Child On the Path to Success with ScreenRetriever!

Protect, Prevent, Parent Online!