Children’s Online Safety Information for Parents


Children’s Online Safety Information for Parents

Onlline Safety information for parents

Stay up-to-date on  important Online Safety Information – so that you can keep your child  safe online!



What Mobile Apps Are Popular with Tweens and Teens?



Blockers, Filters and Loggers

Harvard’s Berkman Center Online Safety Task Force Study: Blockers, Filters and Loggers



“Code of Conduct Online” –  Safety and Behavior Rules

ScreenRetriever’s Online Safety Rules and Code of Conduct 


Cyberbullying Resources

Cyberbullying  Resources



Online Safety Resources

Children’s Online Safety  Resources



Online Risks

What are the risks when your child goes online?



Online Safety Quiz(It’s a little spooky – not for kids under 10)

Could you or your child pass this Online Creep Quiz? Take it and find out!



What is a Strong Password?

Password Do’s and Don’ts to Teach Your Child



 Social Networking Sites

Other Social Networking Sites Your Child May Be On?



Online Safety Stats



Teen “Code” Online

“Teen Code” on the Internet



Online Terminology That Every Parent Should Know


Video Games

Are you aware of which video games are the most violent?