About ScreenRetriever, The Children’s (Windows) Tablet/PC Monitoring Solution

ScreenRetriever helps parents monitor this teen on her laptop

About ScreenRetriever, the Children’s Computer Monitoring Solution!

What is the Story of ScreenRetriever, Children’s (Windows) Tablet/PC Monitoring Software?  

Who Are We?

We are parents just like you!  We have two wonderful teenage daughters and invented ScreenRetriever to help keep them safe online.  The online world is an interactive world, where kids can engage with anyone across the globe and be exposed to all kinds of content good and bad.  When kids go online they are exposed to risks from online predators, inappropriate content, inappropriate games, apps etc. Their online behavior can also put them at risk for cyberbullying, sexting, and posting content or images that can affect their future.

We wanted to be able to “parent online” just as we do offline, so that we could teach our girls safe, appropriate responsible online behavior. Being very savvy computer users, they were able to circumvent every blocking and filtering device that we had tried so  ScreenRetriever really came to our rescue.

ScreenRetriever lets us easily and quickly monitor All of their online activity and behavior. When we check-in on their activity, an icon changes color so they know that we can see if they are following our online code of conduct and safety rules.  It’s opened up the lines of communication about appropriate online activity and behavior.  When we are not home or they take their computer to a friends house, we check-in using the recording feature. 

Our teens have really learned the rules of the computer “road”, so that we are able to check-in less frequently.  We are confident that they have learned to navigate and interact in the online world as responsible digital citizens.  We hope ScreenRetriever gives you the same peace of mind that it’s given us, knowing that you will be able to stay on top of an ever challenging online world and help to keep your kids safe online.

ScreenRetriever's icon, our family dog Tucker!

Our wonderful family dog, Tucker,

By the way, the ScreenRetriever icon is our awesome family dog, Tucker.  : )





Larry “Chip” Kenney, CEO

Chip is a successful executive in technology, software and services growing top line over $1B with a proven global sales agent network.  His management style is hands on in all phases of strategic M&A closing over $0.5B in buy/sell side with 18% IRR for private equity groups.  He has entrepreneur experience taking three start-ups to upside exits for all stakeholders including VC partners and private equity groups.  His focus is on profitability adding over $350MM to bottom line across global operations from Fortune 500  technology companies to mid-market and growth companies.  He has an MBA from the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University and a Bachelor Degree from Villanova University majoring in Chemical engineering and a minor in economics.  He also has advanced studies towards public health management certification at Boston University.


Mark Kempf, Founder and CTO

The company’s technology development is led by Mark.  Mark, a proven innovator with 10 computer/internet related patents, is an experienced executive and technologist that has successfully led both small and large scale product development efforts at DEC, Compaq and HP, earning the prestigious title of Fellow at all three companies.  Mark graduated from the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University.


Victoria Kempf, R.N., Founder, COO, Cyber Safety Advocate

Victoria brings the management skills, passion and drive that she used during her emergency nursing career at Boston area hospitals to serve as ScreenRetriever’s COO and cyber-safety spokesperson.  As an cyber-safety expert she advocates for the health and safety of children as they explore the online world.  She strongly believes that in this challenging digital age, every parent should be using ScreenRetriever to keep their kids safe online and teach appropriate responsible behavior online.  Victoria has spoken to parent groups across the U.S.  If you would like her to speak to your parent group,  Please contact Victoria at contact@screenretriever.com. Victoria graduated from U. Mass. with a BSN Nursing.