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Summer Time Parenting Online

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What are you doing to Parent Online this summer?   Summer vacation is starting around the country.  Are you being mindful of your children, tween and teen’s online habits?   Recently I was sitting right next to a family in a restaurant.  This family comprised a Mom, Dad, a baby and a five year old.  The little boy had his head down in a smartphone the entire lunch.  Makes for a nice, quiet peaceful lunch, doesn’t it? But, all I could think of was what this little boy was looking at on this internet connected device?  Were these parents sure that the content he was looking at was appropriate...

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Live Streaming Apps Lets Kids Share “In the Moment”

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New Online Craze for Kids… Live Streaming is the latest fad, and may put kids at risk!               What’s the latest online craze for kids?  Live Streaming Apps.  What is live streaming you ask?  Kids simply point their smartphone cameras at whatever interests them (including themselves) and that video footage is transmitted over the Internet to other viewers.  Living in the moment is what these apps are all about and one of  the reasons why they’re so popular with tweens and teens today. Living in the moment, often impulsively, can put kids at risk for...

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