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ISIS Recruiters Use Predator Grooming Tactics

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ISIS Lures Teens on Social Media   When kids go online, there are many risks, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, damage to reputation and more.  Now there is a new one to add to already crowded field, ISIS recruitment. Similar to the grooming tactics of online predators, ISIS recruiters also groom their victims.  Grooming is the process by which trust is gained and a relationship is established.  Many vulnerable adolescents may have no idea that they are being groomed.   Adolescence is notoriously a time of turmoil, raging hormones and pushing away from parents to establish...

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Cyber Basics

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When was the last time you thought about these cyber basics?   When was the last time that you talked to your child, tween or teen about them? Cyber Basics   Computer devices are a privilege not a right   Computer devices are powerful tools and need to be treated with caution and respect   Every person’s online footprint begins at birth   Privacy doesn’t exist in the cyber-world   The delete key doesn’t make your cyber life disappear   Think before posting anything online such as images and comments because they can impact future employment and other opportunities   Treat...

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Is Your Teen Texting While Driving?

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New Study About Distracted Driving   Getting a driving license is a big deal to all teens.  It spells freedom and independence!  It can also spell danger if your teen is distracted while driving.  Not surprisingly, teens have the highest car crash rate! Researchers at the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that distracted driving by teens that resulted in car accidents is worse than originally thought.  Researchers reviewed more than 1700 videos from in-vehicle-event-recorders that were placed inside the cars of teen drivers.  They studied behaviors in the seconds prior to a crash.  They found...

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