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Online Safety 2015 – My Comment

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My Comment to “Online Safety Redefined, the 3 Key Elements”, by Stephen Balkam, CEO, Family Online Safety Institute Yes, taking risks in life is necessary.  As kids are learning and growing parents are the ones that guide them and teach them with regard to many potential risky behaviors.  Novices at white water rafting have a guide in the raft to help navigate dangerous waters.  Many powerful tools, including computer devices are dangerous in uneducated, unsupervised hands. Kids may love woodworking, but no parent is going to let their child use a table saw with out guidance.  Many little...

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Social Networking or Gaming: What You Should Know About Online Addiction

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Online Addiction   Your tween or teen is up in their bedroom with the door closed.  They come down for dinner and occasionally utter a grunt.  Then they go back upstairs.  What are they doing? Playing video games perhaps?   Are you worried that you or your child may have a problem?  Take this Quiz:   What is Online Addiction? There are people whose online behavior or online over-use becomes out of control.  They can’t stop, just as a drug user can’t stop from getting the next fix or an alcoholic hides their bottle of booze in their dresser drawer at the ready to feed their craving....

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