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Prevention of Cyber-Threat Risk Begins at Home

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Cyber-Threats and Attacks Are all Too Real   Since the Sony hacking scandal broke, there has been intense discussion about cyber-threats!  FBI moved cyberthreats to top of law-enforcement agenda because it’s such a serious concern. Former FBI director, James Comey, said, “I see a whole lot of hacktivists, I see a whole lot of international criminal gangs, very sophisticated thieves.”  “I see people hurting kids, tons of pedophiles, an explosion of child pornography.”  No joke.  President Obama recently referred to the internet as being the wild west.  “The U.S. will also turn to the...

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Cyber Crime is Big Biz! Steps to Prevent Phishing Scams

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Hacking attacks and security breaches… Hacking is in the news all too frequently today.  Breaches at Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase are a few of the security hacking scandals of criminals breaking into systems that we’ve all heard about.  When you first heard the news story of Target, for example, you probably asked yourself, like I did,  ” When was the last time you shopped there?”  Unfortunately, there is little that you can do to prevent these breaches other than perhaps paying cash for purchases or hiding your money under your mattress.   Target’s breach occurred last year...

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What To Do If Your Child is Exposed to Inappropriate Content Online

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Recently while giving an Online Safety Presentation I was asked, why doesn’t the government stop porn and other offensive content online? As a child online safety advocate, I would love it if all offensive content were taken down so that our kids weren’t exposed. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why this is an impossible task.   Growth of the Internet – The rapid growth of the Internet with 140,000 new websites daily, makes it impossible to keep up with offensive content.  Individuals are urged to report offensive content such as hate sites, racist sites, illegal sites, and cyberbullying...

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