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A Grandfather’s Story – His Granddaughter’s Close Encounter Online

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What can happen when a 12 year old is online without any parental supervision?   Today a grandfather of a 12 year old tween told me his story.  While his granddaughter was visiting he discovered that she was chatting with a 19 year old man that had friended her on Facebook.  This girl had plans to meet up with this “friend.”  This grandfather said that his daughter and husband didn’t pay attention to what their kids do online.    He was incensed by this situation and said he wanted to “pummel” the 19 year old who was taking advantage of his sweet, naive granddaughter.  He was able...

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A Child’s Natural Curiosity May Lead to Trouble Online

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A child’s curiosity is a wonderful thing… A person’s mind develops the most their formative years and has a tremendous influence on the rest of their life.  Right from infancy, curiosity plays a big role in a person’s life.  It is curiosity which leads people towards sources of knowledge.  When a child is young, he or she learns primarily from their parents.  As they enter school, their circle of knowledge grows to their teachers, peers and life experiences.  In today’s digitally dominated world the internet is a leading source of information for children, tweens, teens and adults...

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Judgment – The Teenage Brain Impacts Online Safety

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Thanks to Amy Williams for this Guest Blog Post! How Does the Teenage Brain Impact Online Safety? When a baby is learning to walk and toddles too close to the stairs, we thank our lucky stars once we catch her in time. Our child having done this is no mystery; her brain isn’t developed yet, meaning she is unable to perceive the danger of the stairs. We protect our babies by installing safety gates because of this.   When an 8-year-old rides his bike over a makeshift ramp and tumbles to the ground, we thank heavens he didn’t hurt himself too badly. We know this whole incident occurred because the...

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Printing Press to Apps. Oh How The World Has Changed!

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Printing Press to Apps The advent of the printing press was a major mass communication revolution which permanently altered the structure of society as ideas and information began to transcend borders.  With the advent of the internet, social networking and apps and the multiple devices available today to access the internet we have another revolution taking place that is also transcending borders.  This includes the borders of our homes, schools, libraries, cars, …small towns, big cities, countries across the globe, wherever a person happens to be located.  The ease with which information is at our...

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