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What Kind of Parent Are You…. Online?

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What Kind of Parent Are You… Online?   Every child is different.  Kids don’t fit in a box any more than parents fit in a box. Any parent knows that parenting styles are not exact and that there are blurred lines between parenting styles.  It’s still important to think about what kind of parenting style you ascribe to.  Are you the same kind of parent online that you are offline? Are you teaching online safety and behavior skills just like you teach offline safety and behavior skills?   There are Different Parenting Styles… 1. Authoritarian  2.Authoritative 3. Permissive...

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Apps, Tweens and Teens: A Risky Combo

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It may be hard to keep up with new apps that kids are using as new apps are growing at what feels like Star Trek warp speed.  But it’s not hard to ask and answer the right questions and talk to your tween or teen about apps and online safety.   Most parents are very familiar with the apps Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  What are some of the other most popular apps for teens? What should parents think about when it comes to apps and online safety and what should they be talking to their kids about?   What Type of App is it? Parents and kids need to think about the type of app it is.  Is it a...

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