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The Online World, “…a digital playground and no one is on recess duty.”

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Today I saw this quote on Twitter by Kevin Honeycutt:   Kids online today reminds me of Lord of the Flies, a book written in 1954 by William Golding that delves into the dark side of human nature.  This classic is about a group of British boys alone on a deserted island who attempt to govern themselves with disastrous results.  The online world for kids has largely become a club house for kids parents not wanted complete with their own code language.  We need to change that.  Kids need parents online as much as they do offline.   Why Parents Need to be Involved in their Children’s Online...

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Your Child is Online, Now What?

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Your child is online.  You may worry about:   What they’re doing. How they’re behaving. The sites they’re visiting. The apps they’re using. The content they’re being exposed to. Who they’re engaging with. How much time they’re spending on their device.   That’s a lot to worry about!  You care about your child and want to be an involved parent and you know that includes being an online parent in today’s digitally dominated world. While you may be doing a fantastic job in all other aspects of parenting, if you don’t understand today’s technology, you cannot...

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Are You A Facebook Lab Rat?

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The Facebook Experiment   Have you ever thought of yourself as a lab rat?  I hadn’t either until I learned about Facebook’s emotional manipulation study.  The study manipulated the content of the newsfeeds of 700,000 of their (trusting) users.  Facebook looked at the impact that positive or negative posts would have.    Facebook made an amazing discovery OMG !!, LOL, when people see positive posts it makes them happy and when they see negative posts it makes them sad.  Wow, Einsteins at work on their lab rats, namely all of us little peons.   This has been dubbed the Facebook...

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Online Safety For Kids; Are We Doing Enough?

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The state of online safety for children seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Exposure to online risks is increasing for kids today; not decreasing says a leading research group.  More kids are being cyberbullied, seeing hate messages, sexual images, meeting up with someone they met online and visiting pro-anorexia sites. Online Safety for Kids; Are We Doing Enough? The numbers should be getting better not worse.  Children are clearly being put in harms way and we need to pay serious attention to that and make every effort to turn these numbers around.  Technology has so many wonderful...

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