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The Long-Lasting Impact of Bullying

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The Long-Lasting Impact of Bullying   We read about the horrific affects of bullying in the news almost on a daily basis. Extreme cases of cyberbullying can lead to suicide which fortunately is the rare exception. But nevertheless, bullying  is serious and leaves scars on it’s victims for years to come. The results of a study in the American Journal of Psychiatry that spanned five decades found “children who are bullied and especially those who are frequently bullied continue to be at risk for a wide range of poor social, health, and economic outcomes nearly four decades after...

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Check-in On Your Child’s Online Activity But Not Secretly!

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Most Parents Are Checking Their Child’s Social Networking Activity, but Secretly! A survey by Eset found that a majority of parents are secretly checking on their children’s social networking activity.  While I absolutely believe that parents need to check in on their children’s online activity and behavior, for safety reasons, I’m not in favor of spying. Parental awareness is key in our digitally driven world. It’s crucial for parents to know what’s happening in their child’s online world, to understand the risks and to have continual conversations about appropriate device use, activity...

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Legislation Hasn’t Kept up with Today’s Vast Online World! Today’s children are connected  to the internet almost 24/7.  The online world and offline world are one and the same for kids today. Yet laws such as COPPA (1998) designed to protect minors online are out dated and have not kept pace with changes in their vast online world.  Apps were unheard of in 1998 and Facebook was founded in 2004.   Growing Privacy Risk Children and teens face a growing risk to their privacy as the lucrative revenue stream from targeted advertising built around tracking children’s online activities tramples...

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