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What Are the Risks When Your Child Goes Online?

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What Are the Risks When Your Child Goes Online?   The internet has changed our lives in mostly positive ways, but it’s not a friendly, safe place if you let your guard down.  Parents need to pay attention to what their children are doing online and how they’re behaving online.  Here are some of the risks kids online are exposed to:   Advertising: Targeted/Inappropriate – Many social networking sites and apps are free for user’s.  Their revenue is based on targeted advertising. These sites, such as Facebook gather user data and then target the user with ads pertaining to the info they’ve...

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Your Child Comes to You Saying They’re Being Cyberbullied, Now What?

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What do you do if your child tells you they’re being cyberbullied?               Be Calm, Be Caring and Loving Don’t Over React – You want your child to feel safe when they come and talk to you about any thing that is upsetting them. Validate your child’s feelings. You need to let them know that you are taking what they are saying and the threat seriously. Don’t dismiss it!  Let them know that you are on their side and that you will be there for them to deal with the situation. Obtain the facts of the situation.  Get your child’s version...

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