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Tween/Teen Check-List for Computer Use

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Does Your Tween or Tween Have a Check-List for Computer Use? Before your new young driver hits the road at 16, you as their parent instill the value of a mental check-list before your child pulls out of the driveway.  Seat-belt on √, cellphone put away √, seat adjusted √, mirrors adjusted √,  driver’s license √, plenty of gas √ etc.  Driving requires a great deal of responsibility and awareness to make sure the experience is a safe one. When kids log-on to the computer, parents also need to instill a kind of check-list.   Site child is visiting is safe and parent approved √;  child is old...

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Teach Your Tweens and Teens to Create Strong Passwords for their Social Networking Accounts

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    Two Million passwords to Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo accounts were recently stolen.  The most common password was revealed to be “123456”.  Really?? Having an easy-to-figure-out-password puts individuals at risk for having their personal information compromised and could lead to identity theft.  In this digital age, it’s important to take security and privacy seriously in order to protect personal information on all of your accounts.  This means having strong and different passwords on each account and putting your personal passwords in a safe location that only you can...

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