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7 Tips for Making Sure Your Kids Are Behaving Safely and Appropriately Online This Summer

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  7 Tips To Making Sure Your Kids Are Behaving Safely and Appropriately: With school ending and summer vacation approaching quickly, children are likely to have more idle time on their hands to explore the internet. As wonderful as the internet can be, there are also dangers that parents and kids need to be aware of.  Take time to talk to your children about online safety and online behavior before summer begins.     1.  Have your kids read and sign the Internet Safety and Behavior Guide. 2.   Educate yourself about the online risks and internet misuse. Monitor your child, tween or teen’s...

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Parenting Online – Our Plugged-In Generation

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Parents would never bring their children into the heart of a major city and leave them unattended, yet every time a child sits down at the computer they enter a virtual, unregulated, border-less world where they can engage with anyone around the world. Are parents paying attention to what their children are doing online? According to a recent study, parents do want to know what’s happening in their child’s Facebook world.  Some parents friend their child, but many parents are secretly monitoring their children’s social networking accounts, such as Facebook. Parents should be monitoring their...

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