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Reaching a Healthy Balanced Life in Our Computer-Driven World

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

Reaching a Healthy Balanced Life that Includes Computers/Smartphones Do you ever worry that your child is on the computer when they should be outside shooting hoops, or they prefer to go on Facebook instead of doing a family activity? You’d like to have a conversation on the way to school, but your child is texting incessantly? Kids need a healthy balanced life consisting of time with family, getting an education, spending time with friends, playing sports/ exercising, getting adequate sleep and then using devices for entertainment. Unfortunately, because of unlimited access to computers, cell phones and...

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Sexting – A Growing National Problem in Today’s Tween/Teen World!

Posted by on Apr 4, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

The tween and teen years are naturally full of social angst, especially with regard to boy-girl relationships. Today’s internet-mobile device way of communicating has increased the complexity of today’s teen relationships. In previous generations notes were passed in the classroom to let a boy or girl know you like them.  Today’s teens are being pressured to sext, by sending explicit sexual messages or nude or semi-nude pictures. Concern over losing a relationship by not complying and sending a requested “nude” image may propel a tween or teen into hitting the send button and down a road of long term...

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