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You Think Your Teen is Sleeping – Think Again!

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Computers and Cellphones Are Keeping Kids Awake At Night It’s 1 a.m. and Sara wakes to the sound of her vibrating cellphone after a friend sent a text. At 2 a.m. Matt is chatting with his girl friend on Skype. At 6:30a.m.they both wake to the sound of their alarm clocks because it’s a school day. They stumble out of bed bleary eyed and drag themselves to school. While in history class, Sara doses off. Matt rear ends someone at a stop light because he’s not as alert as he needs to be. Fortunately, no one is hurt. This scenario is becoming an all too common problem for tweens/teens suffering from sleep...

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Vitriolic Comments Explode Online After Death of Young Girl! Cyberbullying Can Be Stopped!

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Parents Need to Monitor For Cyber-bullying Amanda Cummings, 15 years old, stepped in front of a moving bus a few days after Christmas. She was found with a suicide note. Soon after, mean, ugly, disparaging comments were posted on sites like Facebook and 4chan, while she was in the hospital in a coma and after her death. One cruel comment said: ‘Bus was cummin’ Bitch was watchin’ Oh hurry Amanda Your bus cummin.’ What kind of world do we live in? Where are the parents of these hateful, cyber-bullying, mean spirited kids. Would a child that attended a funeral ever display such wretched behavior...

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