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Mean Behavior Online/Offline – Say No to "Reality" Shows!

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Cyberbullying? Sexting? What Kids Are Exposed to Offline/Offline Affects Their Bahavior Respectful behavior both online, and offline begins at home. Say NO to “reality” shows that depict mean, crude, aggressive, high drama, and bullying behavior. Kids that are exposed to these shows believe they reflect the real world. What they see, and learn from these shows they often carry into their every-day-world, and the offline world. Reality Shows Have Negative Affects A recent Girl Scout study of 1100 girls corroborates the negative effects these shows are having on girls. All the girls in the study said that...

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Are your kids missing out on life because of Facebook?

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A recent storm resulted in week long power outages for many in the northeast, including private boarding schools. They remained open and continued classes with the help of generators, but the internet was out. This caused much angst amongst students who were cut off from Facebook! Complaints of boredom were heard far and wide. Miraculously, after a couple of days of adjusting to being without this habit forming, constant companion called Facebook, kids started to read books, play games, and talk to each other face to face. Are kids missing out on life because of this Facebook habit? We’ve all seen kids so...

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Time to Review "Internet Safety" Tips With Your Kids for the Holiday Break

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ScreenRetriever’s “Internet Safety” Tips: Tips To Remember Every Day of the Year! Important Fact: The Internet is not private and whatever you post on the Internet will be there forever. Do not give out personal identifying info such as name, age, address, telephone number, school name. Do not give out personal identifying info of parents or friends. Protect your computer password(s). Do not give them out to friends. Use strong passwords that include numbers and characters. Tell your parents right away if you get into a “sticky” situation, or when something just doesn’t feel...

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