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Multitasking While Doing Homework Results in Poor Grades

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Multitasking Doesn’t Work When your child is supposed to be doing homework, are they chatting with their friends on Facebook or playing games? If you want your child to do a good job with their homework and get good grades than you may want to start teaching them that this isn’t the best idea. Multiple studies have shown that multitasking doesn’t work, even though your child is probably proudly claiming they can do ten things at once! Many people believe that they can perform two or more tasks simultaneously, but ADHD expert and psychiatrist, Dr. Edward Hallowell says this is a myth.The reality is...

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Want Your Child to Learn? Turn Off Their Computer & Cellphone at Night!

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We know that many kids are going online or on their cellphones after they go to bed. In the morning they stumble out of bed bleary eyed and drag themselves to school. This doesn’t make for the ideal learning situation. Sleep deprivation really does impact our kids ability to learn according to Dr. Paul Howard-Jones, an internationally recognized neuroscientist. We need sleep to learn, plain and simple. Dr. Jones says that sleep allows the brain to consolidate information that’s been received and encoded. Learning actually takes place while we sleep. When sleep is disturbed the ability to learn is...

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Parents Need to Teach Facebook Skills

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Facebook wants everyone, including kids to share everything about themselves online. They have hired lobbyists and begun a Political Action Committee to overturn the current Child Online Privacy Protection Act because they want kids to be allowed on Facebook under the age of 13. Frequent users of Facebook  don’t care much about privacy and how much they’re sharing about themselves to the online world. Adults can make those decisions about their personal privacy, but can kids? The lines are blurring about privacy. Kids are watching reality shows on television that “let it all hang out” and kids...

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