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Is Your Teen Presenting a Positive Online Image for Colleges/Employers?

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Some teens who want to be what they deem “popular” and “cool”, boast, exaggerate and sometimes present an amazing image of themselves on Facebook for their thousands of “cool” friends (that they probably don’t know in real life).“21% of kidsclaim they make friends with people they don’t know on social networks to appear to have more friends” If they also think going to college is “cool” or getting a job is “cool” then they may want to get real about their Facebook pages. According to Forbes magazine “The number of college recruiters vetting potential candidates via...

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Online Rules Need To Be Followed With Check-Ins

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Parents are showing a strong interest in internet safety with 93% of parents establishing rules about usage and time limits, according to a recent Hart/FOSI Survey. Rules are not enough however. Rules need to be followed with check-ins to make sure that kids are learning and following them. One of the first rules we give our children is not to talk to strangers, yet kids are going to websites like Omegle, that opens with the allurement, “Talk To Strangers” and parents don’t know it. We teach our kids not to be bullies, yet cyberbullying continues to escalate with many parents unaware that their child is...

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