Cyber-Care and Child-Care Go Hand in Hand

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A new school year starts again. A time of new beginnings and high hopes for our children. To help keep kids on the right path for a great and successful school year, include cyber-care on your school list along with pencils, notebooks, haircut, your child’s physical, and new clothing. Cyber-Care is just as important as all of these other school related necessities.

Cyber-Care is knowing what your child is doing online to keep them out of harms way and on the path to success. Cyber-Care is teaching safe, appropriate, online behavior. There are so many risks, issues, distractions related to online activity and as a parent you need to actively supervise just as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. Make sure your child is doing homework when they are supposed to be doing homework. Make sure your child isn’t going to inappropriate sites like Chathopper. Know who your child is skyping with. Who are their friends on Facebook? Is there cyberbullying going on? Squash cyberbullying before it before it get’s out of hand. What is your child posting online for the world to see? What pics are they posting? Are they posting too much information, identifying information?

Cyber-Care needs to be right up there on that list with getting a new pair of sneakers. Kids outgrow sneakers and get a new pair. It’s very difficult if not impossible to outgrow a bad online reputation and you certainly can’t go buy a new one. Prevent your child from having bad things happening online in the first place.

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