ScreenRetriever Introduces Replay — A First Of Its Kind Playback Feature For Family Computer Security

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Only Live Web Monitoring Solution Now Records Children’s Computer Activity

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 02, 2011

ScreenRetriever, the first and only online safety product to offer parents live supervision of their children’s computer activity, announces the availability of ScreenRetriever REPLAY. REPLAY records children’s computer activity and allows parents to review playback directly from their computer. REPLAY gives parents the opportunity to make sure that their child is practicing safe Web surfing habits. REPLAY captures online sessions when parents are unavailable to supervise their child’s online activity, for instance when the parent is not at home or asleep.

ScreenRetriever REPLAY joins ScreenRetriever’s LIVEVIEW. LIVEVIEW provides unobtrusive monitoring similar to television’s “picture within a picture.” LIVEVIEW displays a live image of the child’s computer screen on the parent’s computer, enabling parentsto monitor, as needed, everything their child does online as it happens. This is particularly important now that the school year is ending and kids spend greater time online. Parents will not be able to constantly monitor their children. However, with REPLAY parents will now be able to check in when they want. ScreenRetriever gives parents the ability to parent online just as they do offline.

All ScreenRetriever products workwith the child’s knowledge from anywhere in the home, such as a child’s bedroom. If it is on the child’s computer, ScreenRetriever sees it – all social networking sites, all videos, all webcam activity, games – everything. ScreenRetriever makes it easier for parents to create a safe online world for their children.

“ScreenRetriever is a powerful tool in the fight to keep involved parents informed about what their kids are doing online in an environment of trust, with the child’s knowledge,” said Victoria Kempf, ScreenRetriever Founder. “Giving parents live visibility into their children’s online behavior was the first step. REPLAY now lets parents review what happened while they are out of the home, all with the full knowledge of their children. ScreenRetriever is also important in the fight against cyber bullying as recordings can be saved so that it is no longer a ‘he said, she said’ situation.” ScreenRetriever provides a constant reminder to children to be responsible computer users and is a natural deterrent to risky behavior.”

Consumer Reports recently reported 7.5 million children under the age of 13 are on Facebook. Young children are especially vulnerable to predators, bullies and information thieves. Video chat rooms, web cams, gaming and age-inappropriate sites are unsafe and potentially harmful to children. The American Pediatric Association recommends parents actively monitor their children’s computer activity. When parents know what their children are doing online they can teach safe, responsible, appropriate behavior. It is the primary caregiver’s responsibility to teach safe computer behavior.

About ScreenRetriever
ScreenRetriever provides busy parents an instant view into their child’s computer activity. ScreenRetriever lets parents supervise their kids online, teach appropriate and safe computer use and parent online as they do offline. ScreenRetriever’s proven results, used in real households, is the best defense parents have against the expanding and ever changing risks of being online – do you know what your child is doing online?

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