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Kids Circumventing Fences to the Internet

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Are you relying on a blocker or filter to protect your kids online? Do you think checking browser history is enough? Kids are very creative in circumventing fences to the internet. How? 1. Kids erase browser history. 2. Kids turn off blockers/filters when using the computer and turn them on again when they stop using the computer… parents never the wiser. 3. Another easy way kids are bypassing filters/blockers is instead of using the website name; kids are looking up the IP address and using that to get to the desired website. For example with a simple google search I found: Reaching Facebook by IP...

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Facebook Profile: A Predators Dream

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While I was using ScreenRetriever to check in on my daughter’s computer activity, I noticed her friend’s Facebook profile. I was shocked to see that this bright, attractive, smart 16 y.o. girl had posted her real first and last name, the town she lives in, her real birthdate, and the school she goes to. A predator’s dream profile! I know her parents have taught her and wouldn’t approve of her posting this much personal information online…that is if they knew. Parents need to trust but verify! Child “online” predators are arrested frequently by posing as as young teens to lure their...

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ScreenRetriever Introduces Replay — A First Of Its Kind Playback Feature For Family Computer Security

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Only Live Web Monitoring Solution Now Records Children’s Computer Activity Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 02, 2011 ScreenRetriever, the first and only online safety product to offer parents live supervision of their children’s computer activity, announces the availability of ScreenRetriever REPLAY. REPLAY records children’s computer activity and allows parents to review playback directly from their computer. REPLAY gives parents the opportunity to make sure that their child is practicing safe Web surfing habits. REPLAY captures online sessions when parents are unavailable to supervise their child’s online...

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