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Know and No are the Best Protectors for Kids Online

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7.5 million kids under the age of 12 are on Facebook, a consumer reports survey revealed. Currently there is no way to verify age of anyone on Facebook. Kids lie about their age to get on Facebook. So, is this a Facebook responsibility or a parent responsibility? The reality is that kids 12 and under should not be on Facebook. They lack the judgement, experience and maturity to handle all of the potential risks associated with Facebook usage, such as cyberbullying and extreme cyberbullying, like busto pages. There are horrific Facebook groups such as “Let’s go f…ing mental” which promotes binge drinking....

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Are you aware of dangerous websites that kids are exposed to online?

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I’ve been amazed when I ask parents if they know about ChatHopper or other video chat sites? By far the majority do not. I go on to explain that ChatHopper (there are many other sites like this) is a chatroom that connects people with random strangers via webcam. What’s at the other end of the webcam most often is more than inappropriate for children, it’s usually downright disgusting and disturbing. Chatrooms are also a place where predators hang out. So why are parents so unaware of this type of site that their child may be exposed to? Do they just not care? Are they just too busy? Are they...

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